Friday, 21 August 2009

The Lizard Box

So inevitably as always in my life I managed to make myself a very dear friend whose birthday is in August.. the time when student loans have upped and left my bank account and I can barely afford the electric in the meter let along stump up for decent birthday presents! I wish dearly I had had the intelligence to have taken a photo of the before.... but I didnt cos I'm a dummy... anyways one of my many trips to the tip (woohooo) and i found this baby which to be blunt was pretty foul when i saw it!!! So after thinking about my friend who if you hadnt guessed loves lizards the lizard box was born... spray painted with Plasti-Kote my new best friend, the lizards drawn around a template (I have to accept I CANNOT draw) and her name on the lid in POSCA (I should work for them I use them so much) and the drawers with a card print out look amazing. Finally after some serious ebay hunting I found the fabby for the inside.... It took lots of work, lots of my losing my temper but I am very proud of the finished result... I nearly didnt want to give it away :)

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