Thursday, 20 August 2009

Collagey Stuff

Very lazy but wanted to stick and paste, so took a standard writing pad (which i will use for uni notes etc) which i collaged and tissued papered with an old book I wasnt that keen on (I swear I dont destroy everything honest) and then found some old retro ads which are very sexist but made me laugh... probably not PC but cheered me up which I overlayed on the top, meaning I have a funky notepad for half the price, it wont be the same as everyone elses and if as I frequently do I get bored I can read the sections of the story!

This was for my husbands love of final fantasy (computer game *yawn*) so i took his favourite characters and collaged them over reaching hands (all from the tinternet) and wrote quotes in POSCA from the game all over.... When i write this stuff down it sounds so easy but it actually took me a while.

Not too much detail here, wanted to show hubby that I thought about him even when I cant afford to buy him gifts so stuck (no pun intended honest) to some simple collage. This Collage containing computer words around pictures was an idea I had seen on a display at uni and thought how cool it looked, not having the neatest of handwriting I decided to alter fonts on the PC rather than risk ruining a piece.
Huge apologies in advance for photo flash but I'd framed them before getting the camera out... DOH!

Fortunatley have a SIL who has craft supplies to die for as she used to work for a craft outlet and recently raided her supplies for the gold in the second piccy, am loving the pearlised papaer and can see a new project coming soon

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