Friday, 28 January 2011

tis 2011

and I promise faitfully (till i forget and its 2012) to update more often.... although this may turn into an altogether different blog due to the life changes so far endured in January of this year... maybe I can start a new blog that I wont update?


things that I crafted 2010

okay its 2011 so I really should catch up.....

stuff I made and forgot about in random orders..

I knew I was making a rod for my own back when I started these... a la the pressure of having an ff7 obsessed husband... I present both Vincent and Yuffie... its got so bad hubby has actually gone as far a hanging a blank plate within the collection (above the tv) to irritate me into completing the set... (luckily the procrastinator in me is winning through and ignoring it)

Next up stupid christmas project I thought I could do.... ginger bread houses... I wanted to do it... I followed a recipe (crap) and a template (crapper) and brought my body weight in sweeties... (which subsequently went into said body).... lessons I learnt... templates suck, icing sugar glue is unreliable and I can throw a full scale paddy while creating once made and stuck together I forbade anyone to think about touching it let alone eat it and it went stale and I had to throw it out!!!

Favourite easy project (after a lot of life lesson learning) of the year that I intend to continue for the next few years... candles... personalised candles... lovely so long as you dont disregard the effort this takes and burn them for the sake of burning them.... lessons learnt.... heat guns are hot... skin will melt into wax.... dont buy expensive candles cos they are crap... cheap is better!!!!

Undecided as to whether this was a craft or not but due to the amount of love/stress that went into this and the attitude of my 10 year old daughter and arguments included this counts for me ok....

Discussion goes like this...

"mum its the halloween disco I want to go"
"what do you want to go as?"
"a dead schoolgirl"
me trying not to laugh
"look mum you dont understand your too old to be dead its cool ok?"
leading to much merriment that I'm too old to be dead and pondering what exactly a dead schoolgirl looks like...
day before disco
"mum I need to be the most dead person there..."
thinking to myself that if we dont drop the attitude this won't be a problem
"ok how do you die?"
"who cares I JUST HAVE TO BE DEAD but I know you want to ruin my life and dont care..."
cue bad parent complex...
hence ripping apart perfectly good uniform (and overriding guilt complex... amazing how fast that happened) and resorting to throwing red paint around the kitchen like a woman possessed (Hubby went nuts totally other story involving me lying about nose bleeds) then thinking how much at that moment in time I wanted to run my daughter over... (bad mummy) hence nice ink jet tshirt printer tyre tracks... pretty awesome I think....

daughter... " yes well I suppose it'll do..."
Next year she is not going!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh*

Ahhhh the famous Wash moment... I wish I had kept this for myself... it took a lot of repaints cos I couldnt get the colour to my liking...

any firefly lover needs a two by two hands of blue moment and this amused me highly!!!

The serenity bookmarks.... which were easy until I had the stupid idea of making them last longer by messing with sticky back plastic..... lessons learnt.. it is sticky, it will make air bubbles and blue peter lied about how easy it is to use.... NEVER AGAIN
proof that my sense of humour is ridiculous.... the jaynes (haynes) manual for a firefly... I found it funny ok... plus I got to rope in the hubby for his mad photoshop skills....
back to Wash completed.... curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal...
ahhh I discovered the joy of loaded charm bracelets and this was inspired by fireflys kaylee... hence the tools and the strawberries... I promised after I busted all of my fingernails making this (due to my refusal to do something properly and actually use pliers) that I'd make one for me.... DIDN'T happen :(

Damn for starting the plate thing, but they are addictive... I could have made the whole set except I was paranoid about them breaking in the post (they didn't but I did bubble wrap the hell out of everything including the postman) I enjoy them and I love words and actually I'm quite good at them... another promise to have a collection but still hasn't happened....

ahhhh pins... so easy so fun so fab... enough said

The inside of the Jaynes manual (look you might not be laughing but I still have stitches... mainly from gluing my hands together!!!) which ended up a shrine to kaylee and simon.... because you know they had babies shaped like strawberries and got married...

aha.... pins sweet pins.... easy and funny and show how cool you are...

a leetle late... but better late than never,,,

I did say at the beginning I was lax.... and I made a tone of crafts since discovering cratfster and swap bot so I suppose one should trawl her previous posts and update... did i mention I GRADUATED since I last posted?

Thursday, 8 April 2010

probably not the last ff plate


herminny and the gojuss jewllerry box

Okay I have to stay away from the tip.... So the herminny (I am fully aware thats not her actual name) box is cos I had a whole bunch of harry potter stickers left over and YES i cut up a HP book (tip pending of course i still have my original) and the gorjuss was cos I needed somewhere to hang my really special jewels... make of them what you will... YES they are both unfinished (are we sensing a theme here?)

works in progress...

so admitedly Uni has got a bit manic then I got a job which ok I havent started yet but the craft time has been reduced... meaning I have made stuff but its unfinished (nothing new there then... once again betraying the Virgo species sorry!!!) However I did make it to a craft fair and OHMIGOD do I wish I had more money.... this has led to the discovery of PROMARKERS.... and boy do I have to get me the full set now... anyhoo... so I have a bit of an alice thing going on...

and then there was the altered jigsaw.... unfinshed also!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

final fantasy plates

When I made the Aeris Plate for hubby I already knew I had created more work for myself than necessary.... he loved it so much I've had constant nagging in the form of blank plates being hung above the telly by way of a hint... subtlety has NEVER been his strong point... so here are Nanaki and Cloud... I'm secretly a bit proud of these even if apparently this weeked I can screw the dissertation as I have to make Tifa LOL