Friday, 21 August 2009

Encaustic Art...

So this encaustic stuff.... to be fair to my hubby I saw it done on an internet how to site and was like I totally have to do this I dont care how expensive.... after much rolling of the eyes I agreed it was too expensive a hobby to get into!!! till we went to Hobbycraft (much adored much avoided... due to frugal necessity) and they had an offer on so hence I got my encaustic wish

Now I have to be honest I suffer from I need a resultrightnowitis (or to the lay people impatience) One of my big art bugs, is that although I can see it in my head I can never get it to paper so therefore encaustic could only be the way forward since I cant draw.... First time I did it I lost my temper there was wax everywhere and I learnt it ISNT as easy as it looks.... so yesterday evening I treated myself to another go and i'm quite pleased with the results... I have learnt not to capture these images with the flash on as they just bounce back the light!!!!

This one above is my favourite its funny how I couldnt see anything but melted wax until I looked at it from a different angle and all of a sudden I can see its a turtle...could just but me but its how I saw it...

Am unsure about this one from any angle but might take some more colour to it tonight see if I can make it more... I dont know, I havent got into to adding things to my work yet but after a play tonight I may do

Anyways enough with the ramblings just wanted to show my latest adventures :)

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