Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Domino Effect

So I've been patrolling craftster and lots of loverly crafting blogs and seeing these altered dominoes, now i'm not arty (i wish) I can't draw and I can't work on a small scale but I was intrigued by these dominoes.... down the local tip (yet again I know sigh) I found some giant dominoes and thought now this is a size I can deal with.

I started by making a tissue paper base, I love love how the colours mingle with a bit of glue and make the domino something entirely different. Thanks to craftster I saw a lot of peeps had made themed items something that stupidly hadn't occured to me before... Hence the first set shown here which are my Coraline babies cos I loved the film so much.... these are the finished article till I look at them in the morning and decide to fiddle some more!!! I had to put buttons on them all cos thats the essence of Coraline right???

Of course my first love is and will always be Harry Potter so these are inspired by the many many movies and books. My amazing hubby who frequently indulges in my fads (of which their are many) brought me the HP sticker book and I had swaps or left overs and thats where these babys came from. I decided the backgrounds should reflect the houses of the indivdual but unfortunatly so far I only have Draco for the other houses LOL

I'm planning to figure out how to string these babies together to make a wall hanging or two and am seriously worried that I am offically addicted. Am panicking cos I only have 13 giant dominoes left and where am I going to get more from????

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