Wednesday, 10 March 2010

the mad hatter heartless....

ok so after browsing craftster (I spend way too much time on there) and seeing alice in wonderland I wanted to make a pumpkin head too... only I didn't have any pumpkins... so I made a sawdust head instead..... only he ended up a bit gangster instead of mad hattery and then the eyes made hima heartless (kingdom hearts reference for non gamers) I think hes really cute.... and I have to make another... hes pretty much made from recyclables... my old tights...., odd game pieces, earings, flower pots a coffee pot I got from uni and errrm sawdust... Having taken piccys I have to do something about the yellow elastic bands (POSCA?) and the bottom flower pot but over all I'm pretty pleased.... I can see the end of my degree flying out of the window again!!!!!!!!

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