Sunday, 21 February 2010

Altered Journal (finally)

Now I'm not a complete maniac.... oh alright I am and I really dont have time to be taking on yet another project with a degree to finish and all but I had some guilt free time this weekend to just craft... and really its all the users at craftsters fault, I have been admiring these altered art journals for some time but also felt a little guilty about hacking up a book.... but well lets just say I GOT OVER IT!!! admitedly this is very unlikely to get any more pages added to it for a while (but actually I'm kinda addicted now!!!) because uni will get hectic but I'm loving it... I havent done the front I figured I would do it last... again this book was aquired from the tip (I couldnt part with my own harry potter book!) but I love it... so this can go on the to be completed.. ongoing when the degree is over :)

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