Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Lunch Box

this project started through one of my almost daily trips to the tip...... yes I said the tip, I'm a student and being a student = poor, being a student with a growing family who likes to craft = disgustingly poor.. so the tip means frugality and also recycling :) Obviously its coming to that time of year where I have to start thinking about school uniforms and discover that lunch boxes (without a flask I might add) now cost £8!!!! Well call me tight but the only option I saw as doable was the 2 for £2 canvas boring tiny lunch bags from ASDA and trust me both my kids would have kicked off about this. So I found two of these and got them for £1 and took them home to adapt them. I figured their was little point in trying to copy a known character as kids can be cruel to one another and my children haven't yet developed the confidence to not care what others think yet. So for my fairy mad daughter I came up with this, thanks to a silhouette of a fairy (since I cant draw for toffee) and my beloved POSCA pens, which I discovered by accident and guard ferociously from my family, they truly draw on anything and remain there... hence keeping them away from youngest son who would draw on ANYTHING!!! Anyways the finished result above for my daughters lunch box and I'm quite pleased with it for a first and my daughter has announced that it is cool enough to take to school *phew*

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